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What is an Estate or Downsizing Sale

An estate sale and a downsizing sale are different and similar at the same time. An estate sale can be established when someone has passed or is living and there is a need to remove all contents from their home. Many people choose this option when they have lost a family member or have moved a family member into some sort of specialized care facility. Once all friends or family members have taken possession of the items that hold special meaning to them the remainder of the personal property can be sold on the family’s behalf. 
A downsizing sale most commonly occurs when someone is moving and they will reside in a home smaller than the one they are currently living or someone is moving to an area some distance away and want to avoid extra weight charges for the move. Either way most downsizing sales consist of items the family either no longer has space for or doesn’t want to take with them to their new home. 
Rooms Remembered offers two types of sales, one is a physical onsite sale where shoppers will come into your home and shop for housewares and furniture. The physical sale typically leaves your house as is with the exception of cleaning out all drawers and closets and disposing of unsalable items. Small items may be rearranged to enhance the flow of shoppers and stage the house for an optimal shopping experience. We take great care in keeping your home clean and unharmed, while offering shoppers a safe environment. 
An online sale is done in an online auction platform. Rooms Remembered, as a consultant and liquidator, will help you decide what items you may want to sale for best profit. We also do all necessary research to support market value of the items you decide to sell. We are responsible for assigning lots to be auctioned and setting reserves on special and elite items. We will photograph and post all lots on a dedicated site and handle all payments and distribution of won lots.  Winning bidders can pickup items at the home or offsite depending on the needs of the client. Some items may have the option to be shipped and we will also take care of that. Some situations call for us to piggy-back the sales (we conduct both a physical sale and an online auction) In this case one platform acts as advertising and support for the other sale.  
You can expect the five star concierge treatment when you hire us to help liquidate or downsize your families household belongings. Its not just stuff to us, its someones memories, important collections, and well loved belongings and treasures! What differentiates Rooms Remembered from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. Let’s talk and figure out what options are best for you and your family.  


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How we are different

When Rooms Remembered looks at a home, we don’t just see stuff. We see someones memories, important collections, and well loved belongings and treasures. Let us help you through the emotional  journey of cleaning out your family home. Rooms Remembered proudly assists families with all types of services, but most people want help assigning value to cherished wares and furnishings. We offer several options for handling the dispensing of home goods and personal possessions including onsite estate sales, online sales, charitable donations and even assisting with the question  “What exactly needs to be tossed out?”. Regardless of how you decide to remove or dispense of personal property we are here to help you. Rooms Remembered was built on a foundation of respect, honesty, trustworthiness, and a pure love for people, family, and the stories that bind a loved one to their belongings.

Choosing an estate company and trusting someone in your family home is a huge decision! You want to make sure you and your consultant are both on the same page, and your interests and needs are being met. This is where Rooms Remembered stands out as we take a compassionate and loving approach when helping you get things in order. It may sound cliche, but we’ve always said “You need to feel so comfortable with your Estate company that you get a warm fuzzy feeling from them.”  With Rooms Remembered, your family will become a part of our family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Give us a call at (678) 688-3428.  Let's talk about what Rooms Remembered can do to help you. 


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