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On Location Estate Sales

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Probably the most well known type of estate sale is the physical location estate sale. This type of sale is perfect for someone who is wanting to liquidate an entire home’s contents. In our initial walk through, you will set the tone for your sale by showing us the items you wish to liquidate and telling us about your family and how and why these personal belongings have meant so much to you. Typically a physical sale takes place over 2-5 days at the family home. The 2-5 days consist of sale dates only. Our time with you may consist of a few days, a few weeks, or in some extreme cases a few months. This is why your family is so important to us.  As your estate goods consulting company, we will come in to clean-up, clean-out, and set up your sale. We do everything for you, including pricing, staging, and conducting the sale.  Call us and let us show you why we are different from other estate sale companies.  Even though your bottom line goal may be to deal with accumulated personal items, we never see stuff! We see you and your family’s lifetime of memories in a home! Let’s take this personal journey together!

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